Archaeo Trip
Audiovisual performance by Tangatamanu & Pino Ninfa (preview of the forthcoming EMAP exhibition Archæomusica: musical instruments and sounds from ancient Europe).

Concept and composition
Alberto Morelli, Stefano Scarani (Tangatamanu) & Pino Ninfa

Musicians and instruments

Alberto Morelli/ Shell Trumpets, Bansuri, Piffero, Etruscan clay horn, Sistra, Prepared Piano, Soundscapes, Pre-recorded tracks
Stefano Scarani/ Shell Trumpets, e.conch, Adungo, Tuberoaers, Vegetal Sistra, Prepared Piano, Live Electronics
Pino Ninfa/ Pictures
Emiliano Li Castro/ Marranzano, Bullroaers
Carlo Brignola/ Didgeridoo (C and G)
Luca Gufi/ Bullroaers
concert flyer