From the Cave to the Rave (excerpt)
Alberto Morelli: Shell Trumpets, lituus, modern treatments for ancients sounds
Stefano Scarani: conches, modern treatments for ancients sounds
Emiliano Li Castro: mouth bow, lituus
Åke Egevad: clay drums, lithophones*
*Records extracted from the project "The Sounds of Prehistoric Scandinavia" produced and coordinated by Cajsa S. Lund
AQA (excerpt with Seikilos Epitaph)
Alberto Morelli: conches, voice-conch, treatments
Sciamando verso occidente
Alberto Morelli: sipsi, sound lanscapes, treatments
Purple in fifths
Alberto Morelli: bansuri, ney, sound lanscapes, treatments
Stefano Scarani: adungu, sistro, treatments
Alberto Morelli: pan flute, mbira, bendir, adungu, treatments
Stefano Scarani: adungu, rattles, bendir, treatments