Tactus, aleatoric music composition for ancient music instruments and six interactive monoliths

Tactus offers a contact point with the ancestral world of prehistoric music.
The sound flow of Tactus is generated through interaction with objects that deliberately recall the archetypal form of the monolith.

The six monoliths reproduce another universal form, a luminous pictogram representing a hand. Bringing your hand near to the shape/pictogram, Tactus' sound flow will be activated. This simple contact is a natural and universal gesture going through places and times.

A hand that generates sound and music is mostly a hand open to convivial pleasure. It is the very concept of sharing the fulcrum around which the interaction game proposed by Tactus rotates, a sharing that brings to the present an archaic way of relating with ourselves and others, the environment, mystery, space and time.

Tactus is precisely also a little machine to travel through time and space. A Space that spreads from the sound roots of Europe and a Time that gives us back the sounds of archaic sound objects, extracted from the history's palimpsests of this continent.
Sonorities are grouped according to historic periods and types to allow to enjoy all the instrumental richness and variety already existing in remote ages.
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Project, composition and sound design
Alberto Morelli and Stefano Scarani - Tangatamanu

Musicians and instruments

Alberto Morelli/ Shell Trumpets, Clay Horn from Civita Castellana, Lituus from Tarquinia, Silver Pipe from Ur, Calcophone, Soundscapes
Stefano Scarani/ Shell Trumpets, Soundscapes
Emiliano Li Castro/ Mouth Bow, Lituus from Tarquinia, Anatolic Sistrum, Roman Sistrum, Bronze Rattle from Chiusi, Clay Rattle from Vulci
Roberto Stanco/ Bone Aulos from Paestum, Silver Pipe from Ur, Bone Tibia, Gorga Tibia
Åke Egevad*/ Bullroaers, Bones Flutes, Clay Drums, Gong, Litophones
Graeme Lawson*/ Lyra
*From the CD "The Sounds of Prehistoric Scandinavia". Project produced and coordinated by Cajsa S. Lund

Software programming
Stefano Scarani (Cycling74 Max based)

drawings and sketches
Caterina Formenti

Multimedia Artwork commissioned by EMAP (European Music Archaeology Project), edited by the Municipality of Tarquinia and University of Tuscia (Italy)

Artistic direction
Emilano Li Castro

Executive production
Luca Gufi

Monolith production
Associazione Anziani Hobby Modellismo di Tarquinia
Marco Merlini, Mario Riccini, Vitorio Sensi, Giancarlo Paparozzi, Franco Fattori, Roberto Marcoaldi, Pino Sticchi

Special thanks to
Flaminia Formenti